2 Birds with One Stone

September is National Honey Month and National Biscuit month, so I thought I’d tackle them both with this Honey Buttermilk Biscuit recipe from Saveur (http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Honey-Buttermilk-Biscuits?src=pinterest).

Grating frozen butter had been brought up in my school baking club when I was in grade nine, but I had never tried it until now.


When adding liquid to a biscuit dough (same applies for pie pastry), start off by adding less liquid than the recipe calls for. This gives you room to adjust for weather conditions. I ended up adding more buttermilk than the recipe called for.

The idea of 6 large biscuits seems crazy to me, so I rolled out the dough and cut 2 dozen round biscuits with a cookie cutter. Remember to adjust your baking time if you change the size of your biscuit. Mine were in the oven for about 16 minutes.


The honey butter to brush on top of the biscuits was so delicious. I left out the rosemary.

I saved the leftovers and ate it on toast!



The finished product was so tasty, perfect with a cup of tea sweetened with honey! 🙂 But I definitely recommend you eat these biscuits the day they are baked, on day 2, the topping was goopy.



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