In celebration of National Guacamole Day, I made these cute little tortilla cups. Using this simple recipe,, I made dough for flour tortillas and rolled it out, cut out tiny circles and baked them at 350 on an upside-down mini muffin tin.

tortilla cups

For the last few minutes of baking, I flipped them over and baked them right side up on a sheet pan to brown the inside of the cups.

baked tortilla cups

I made the guacamole in the food processor; combining a tsp. of lemon juice, an avocado, a few tbsp. of sour cream, a slice of onion, and seasonings such as cayenne pepper and cilantro flake.

guacamole made in the food processor

guacamole cups

For the little bit of salsa on top, I chopped up a tomato, some onion and bell pepper and tossed them in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

guacamole with tomato and bell pepper topping

The smooth, creamy  guacamole went so well with the crunch of the tortilla cup and the acidic salsa. These delicious little cups are definitely a classier appetizer than basic chips and chunky guacamole dip. To finish off the dainty little appies, I added a dollop of sour cream and some cilantro flake.

garnished guacamole cups

Such a simple, fancy treat to serve at your next get-together! For an even quicker option, “scoop” shaped tortilla chips from the grocery store would work too.


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