When it comes to pierogies, I usually just eat the frozen ones with a bit of sour cream and maybe some black pepper, which is a pretty boring meal.

For National Pierogi Day, I explored quick ways to make store-bought pierogies a little more fancy & customized.

celebrating pierogi day

First off, I fried up some garlic, onion and bell pepper and added bacon and cubed sausage. This quick fry can be done in a limited amount of time with endless possibilities of what meat and veggies you prefer / you have on hand. Plus, it adds protein and vegetables to the dish. Not to mention a little color!

The next garnish was seasoned sour cream. I mixed salt, pepper, paprika and chives into sour cream. Again, this allows you to add your own flare to the dish! Whatever flavors you prefer can be mixed right in.

I love tomatoes, so fresh cubed tomatoes were my final garnish.

It’s great to learn how to play around with your spice cupboard and basic fridge ingredients! Adding an original, made-up touch to a dish is one of my favorite parts of cooking ­čÖé


Chicken & Mushroom

To finish September off, here’s a post to celebrate both National Chicken Month and National Mushroom Month. And what better way is there to celebrate than my favorite casserole, Chicken Tetrazzini.

I love this recipe from cooks.com, http://www.cooks.com/recipe/k693614s/chicken-tetrazzini.html. Unlike other recipes on the web, it uses fresh mushrooms, chicken broth and milk rather than a can of condensed soup.

As tasty as it is on it’s own (mushrooms, garlic and paprika is my fave combo!), it doesn’t have much nutritional value, so I often add vegetables such as broccoli and bell peppers.

chicken tetrazzini

This time, instead of baking it in a casserole dish, I made the sauce with the chicken and vegetables and served it on top of pasta, then topped it with a bit of grated cheese. Both options are scrumptious but eliminating the baking time makes this one quicker.

This is such a great meal to make in advance then toss into the oven when it comes dinnertime. My super picky little brother even ate this, which was a miracle!

A simple, delicious recipe to have in your back pocket!